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The Studio exists to elevate the lives of others through high energy dance workouts, group fitness classes, and  personal training. The Studio by JC workouts are meant to allow yourself to grow and become your best self, full of confidence and energy. Workouts are available in person throughout several different locations in Central Indiana and online. 



SWERK is the newest and hottest dance fitness craze available. Our upbeat routines are paired with the hottest pop and hip hop songs to make you sweat, work, and twerk your way to weight loss and toned bodies! In addition to Hiphop Cardio, we also have latin inspired combos of featuring Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue and more to add that spice to your workout! These classes run for 45 minutes and include a warm up and a cool down for each session. There is NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Just come ready to burn up to 600 calories! 


Strength and Swerk combine dance fitness routines with strength combinations targeting specific muscle groups for a full body workout! In this class we utilize weights, a mat and bands for additional resistance. We also use dropsets, supersets and some plyometrics while training. This class is AWESOME. Be prepared to work and and focus on growing and strengthening your mind and body while all the best hits play in the background! NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  


If you're ready for a challenge than look no further. Power Hour is a high impact class that combines strength, HIIT and Swerk all into one. In this class we will utilize weights and steps for cardio based strength combinations, HIIT circuits that include plyometrics and Tabata, then ending it with high impact Swerk routines. This class is no joke. You will push yourself beyond your limits while I help you discover how strong you actually are!


Think circuit training with some beats! Most HIIT workouts are cardio based, but not mine. We're strength based all the way. We use different strength training equipment that is lined up in different stations. You will be at one station for a certain amount of time, focusing on one movement, then you will move on to another station as we continue to complete the workout. The key to this HIIT format is not speed- It's form and strength. I will challenge you to lift hard and heavy so that you can break those barriers and challenge your body to move and feel different. 


I LOVE sexy dancing... like truly LOVE IT. There's something about connecting with your body and reminding yourself what it feels to be the bad ass woman you are! I know that heel classes are all the rage right now, but I have to be honest. I suck at wearing heels IRL so what makes me think I can dance sexy in them?! LOL! So I've created AFTER DARK... a way for women to connect with their feminine energy, sensuality and sexuality while feeling comfortable in those sneakers girl! This class will boost your self-esteem, confidence and so much more.


Urban Latino Dance Fitness combines Today's HipHop music with Reggaeton and other flavors of the Latin Culture with strength training for one amazing workout. Each class will focus on one muscle group for the strength component while also using low/high impact movement to torch calories during active recovery. 

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