Wooden Ships

This month I am collaborating with an amazing apparel line called Wooden Ships. Not only are they family-owned and operated but they truly have wonderful knit pieces that speak to a cool, casual-chic style that I've grown to love! Wooden Ships is passionate about friends, family, community, taking care of our planet and giving back.  

So what's so different about Wooden Ships? They believe in lean production, so they operate with a "no-waste approach", meaning that all of their knit pieces are made-to-order, with no stock. Because of this there is no wasted time or raw materials on wrong inventory so we can give their customers incredible turn around times! They also love to giveback which I love so much! They regularly donate to EarthJusticeSea Shepherd InternationalAvaazOrganic Consumers OrganizationInternational Anti-Poaching Foundation, the Environmental Defense FundInternational Rescue Committee, Naral and WildAid

Wooden Ships is also a fairtrade and ethical company, so they invest time and energy into there employees with extensive training and opportunities for growth. There are also breaking the norms in terms of gender roles for this type of job. In Bali, knitting machines are traditionally operated by men, but they initiated a program to train women and break that cultural barrier. Today, more than 60% of their knitters are women. Wooden Ships also operates as an eco-friendly small business! They use Solar Power, recycle all materials, compost all organic material and aim to reduce their carbon footprint in their business and personal lives.

Wooden Ships is sold nationwide at hundreds of boutiques in the US, Australia and Canada. Check their new Americana Summer Collection HERE. Also, if you'd like to purchase anything you can use elevatedbyjc15 for a discount!