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Hey Friends! I wanted to share something that really struck me last night and made me stop to process and think. Yesterday was such a busy day for me, I was going from one thing to the other, and the next thing I knew it was 8:30pm. I decided to just leave the house for a few to walk outside and clear my head. Typically when I do something active I just put my headphones on and I blast music, but this time I felt the need to listen to a podcast.

Randomly I started searching for one and came across a podcast with Dan Harris interviewing Brené Brown and the title was The Key to Courage. He began to ask her a series of questions about what courage looks like to her. She mentioned that she grew up in a household where feelings weren't really explored, or properly identified so for a long she never really let herself "feel" anything. That hit me hard. I tend to that myself. I don't like to feel, I just like to keep it moving, until I explode that is! (which is not healthy at all).

She then said this statement: "There is no courage without vulnerability." It hit me like a ton of bricks. When I think of courage, I always equate it to being strong- in the sense of bravery, pushing through the limits, fighting through the valleys so that you can get to the other side etc. Never once did I think about the word vulnerability, and what she said is SO TRUE. Friends, we have to be vulnerable. In order for us to identify, connect, strengthen (insert whatever) you have to come from a humbling, vulnerable place that will allow you to feel and gain the temperature of your internal thoughts and emotions.

SO- I said earlier that I don't like to feel. As you can imagine when I heard that phrase I was like. "yeah, no, probably not" lol. After really thinking and processing this I've realized that my courage has looked quite differently the last year. It's looked like me putting on a smiling face, pretending things are okay, going through the motions, not exploring my feelings, praying to God thinking that He will just automatic fix my issues and setting it aside to be dealt with later. I know I can't live like that but I guess that's my immediate reaction when it comes to things like this.

Today, I encourage you and me to be brave.

Be courageous.

Be vulnerable.

Let down your wall.

Be okay to feel.

Explore your emotions.

Do the hard things.



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Link to Podcast:

Brené Brown, Vulnerability: The Key to Courage

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