Time For a Refresh :: Pure Barre

You know one of my favorite places is Pure Barre :) It's a fantastic place to workout, the people there are amazing and it's like my second home! I've also personally have seen some great results from the workouts I've been adding into my routine and I love it. Recently the Greenwood studio did a "Refresh" of their space. The place looked great to begin with but this time they took a different route! The walls are all white along with new carpeting and flooring. I must say that when I walked in I immediately started smiling. I don't know about you but when you walk into a place that's light, bright, sleek and clean you can't help but get excited!

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I love thew new updated look to the studio! I also feel like the brighter colors help you concentrate a little bit better too! Have you ever thought about trying Pure Barre? Here are some details about all of their classes:


The classic class uses small movements continously throughout the body for maximum impact. The addition of resistance bands, a small ball and light weights only increases your workout intensity to your desired level. Through this class you'll learn how to create long and lean muscle, sculpting your body in a way that targets, reshapes and redesigns your body's overall structure!


More cardio and more ways to shed that body fat! Pure Empower is a fusion of barre and interval training designed to elevate your heart rate, build strength and speed up your metabolism. For 45 minutes, you’ll use multi-directional, dynamic movements with ankle weights and a plyometric platform to target different muscle groups simultaneously - all at an invigorating pace. I've tried this class before and I absolutely love it!


Inspired by resistance training Pure Reform is a total body workout that targets, shapes, and defines all major muscle groups through resistance‐based strength training. The 50‐minute class merges the elements you love from our Pure Barre technique with moves that challenge your strength, coordination and balance by using resistance bands, sliders, and the barre. This class is a challenge, but it hurts so good!

And don't forget that your first class is free! Check this video out below to see how the space looks now!

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