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The NormaTec at Cryotherapy Associates

So, you've seen me try out all the benefits of Cryotherapy (which is amazing btw) but Cryotherapy Associates also has the NormaTec! The NormaTec body therapy helps athletes recover faster between training and after performance. NormaTec compression stimulates your body's natural muscle pump to help eliminate toxins and metabolites that can prolong muscle soreness and delay recovery. The heaviness caused by intense workouts is relieved through its compression and decompression technique. This system combines both intense muscle recovery and healing for athletes and fitness enthusiasts and also speeds up your recovery time!

So what does it feel like? Small compressions rotating throughout your legs for 30 minutes. You can also manually change the settings for the amount of compression you get along with hitting specific areas for a longer period of time. Really, its pretty relaxing and afterwards my legs felt great! Let's talk about the benefits:

  • Reduces Inflammation and Swelling in targeted areas

  • Better lymph and blood micro circulation

  • Oxygenation and nourishment of the skin and subdermic tissues

  • Detoxification

Cryotherapy Associates offers a Freeze and Squeeze for all students and athletes which includes one NormaTec and full body Cryo session for $30! if you're looking to try out the NormaTec for the first time it's $10 per session and a full body Cryo Session is $25. Other specials include 4 sessions of anything (Full Body Cryotherapy, CryoFacial, Local Cryo and NormaTec) for $99 or take 10% off of any packages!

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