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The Elevated Summer Fitness Challenge

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON. Summer is right around the corner and I GOT YOU! Here's the deal- Can you workout on your own? Yes. Can you be your own motivation? Of course! But sometimes we need that extra push to take things to the next level....ummm let's just say ELEVATE yourself :) And this is what this Summer Fitness Challenge is all about. I wanted to create a challenge that doesn't break the bank, and all different types of women can get together, support one another, cheer each other on to hit those goals. I want YOU to feel amazing, and much that the glow is shinning off of you hard! Here's what the challenge includes:

  • Unlimited online access to Dance Fitness and Strength video workouts

  • Workout app access with tons of different programming for building lean muscle, focused core and glutes programs along with home workouts

  • Guided Meal Plans

  • Accountability & Support

  • LIVE weekly virtual classes

  • Nutrition & mindset Education

Challenge starts Monday April 4.Register here:

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