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The Best Thing For Your Body : Cryotherapy at Cryotherapy Associates

So, let's just say I've stepped up my training a notch or two up...and with that comes with soreness, tight muscles, inflammation and body aches. I'm telling you, if you've experience any of these you've got to try Cryotherapy! It truly has so many benefits to the mind and body. And yes, it is cold, but honestly it is not that bad at all! I also feel pretty amazing after one session too! Cryotherapy Associates has really educated me on all things Cryo and let me tell you, you need this in your life!

Here are all the reasons you should try Cryotherapy Associates:

  • Improves sleep pattern

  • Promotes high energy levels

  • Increases circulation

  • Treats anxiety, depression & mood disorders

  • Reduces inflammation & swelling

  • Has anti-aging benefits

  • Boosts metabolism

  • Accelerates weight loss

Now after all that I've listed out the question is WHY wouldn't you try Cryotherapy?! Specials for the month include try anything (UNLIMITED) for 10 days for $99. That means you have unlimited access to the Full Body Cryo, CryoFacials, The NormaTec, and Local Cryotherapy....that is such a deal! You can also purchase 4 sessions for $99 and there's no expiration on those! Take a look at this video below!

Give them a call at 317-886-4556 to learn more and schedule your next session!

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