Skin Therapies at Bargersville Wellness

Looking to up your skincare and makeup game? If so, Bargersville Wellness is the place to be! Their facials include a thorough consultation, cleansing, resurfacing, extractions, massage, and reparative treatment. All facials also include the use of rotary brush(es), high frequency, galvanic, vacuum therapy, steam with ozone, and a Wood's lamp analysis. They really take an in depth look at your needs so everything is customized!

Recently I had facial done by Blythe (one of the owners) and it was incredible! My life has been really busy lately and typically I take pretty good care of my skin but honestly my skincare has taken a nose dive. I desperately needed some TLC! Blythe accessed my skin at the beginning and went over what she thought would be appropriate for my skin and off we went! She did all of the above and I was just so intrigued with all the gadgets she was using and how they felt on my skin.

GUYS be prepared at how gross my skin was. Below you'll find a before and after photo, along with my deadskin/peach fuzz from my face and some lovely clog pores (I had like 5 million of them) that Blythe extracted:

Have I embarrassed myself enough yet?!? Our goals were to really get my pores clean considering I have very oily skin and workout all the time and she did just that! At the end of the facial my skin was so soft- all the dead skin was gone and next day my makeup application felt so smooth. Blythe got my skin looking smooth and radiant again and I couldn't be more thankful!

Looking to see what other featured facial services Bargersville Wellness offers? Take a look below at their Skin Therapies below:

Custom Wellness Facial: $80 A full 60 minutes with cleansing, exfoliating, and relaxing using skin-appropriate machines.

Microdermabrasion Facial: $105 A deeper exfoliation than our custom facials to minimize lines, large pores, compacted follicles, sun damage, and dullness.

Facial Peel: $40 ($20 with any facial) A custom exfoliating using advanced enzymes and hydroxy acids to brighten skin tone and diminish signs of aging.

Dermaplaning: $50 ($30 with any facial) The removal of 15 layers of dead skin and facial hair will provide immediate results with zero down time. This includes an optional facial peel.

Bargersville Wellness also offers a wonderful skincare line called IMAGE. IMAGE is a clinical skincare brand, powered by safe, proven ingredients and smart botanicals - for your healthiest skin... ever.

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