Senita Athletics

If you're looking for athletic wear that makes you want to dance in the middle of your workout well then I think I have found a winner for you! I came across Senita Athletics a few months ago and always admired their clothing aesthetic from afar. So when I was gifted to try these outfits out it was a no brainer! The blue toned outfit pictured below is from their Autumn Collection. The Sierra Sports Bra comes in two different colors and is the perfect balance between a crop top and a sports bra! It's very comfortable, provides a lot of support, has fun back detailing and a hidden side key pocket which I was not aware of until after I worked out in it! It was a fun surprise :) I paired the top with their Trio leggings. My workouts are always pretty intense and they held up nicely. Plus it has everything you need for a perfect pair of working leggings; high-waisted, squat proof and pockets on the sides for your phone.

Next up is their Seamless Collection! Now I do have to admit when I opened these leggings I was a bit scared. They come looking VERY SMALL. Like kid how am I going to fit into this small...but looks are deceiving! Once I put them on I instantly fell in love with the feel of them. The fit is tight and compressed but why wouldn't you wear athletic wear that hugs you in all the right places and makes you feel amazing? Plus when you workout out they don't move. No more tugging at your pants, moving your sports bra- they provide the ultimate comfort and support. Pictured is the Seamless Power Sports Bra and leggings in purple. I work these to my Pure Barre class which makes you sweat in all the wrong places haha...and needless to say I left with no sweat stains anywhere!

About Senita Athletics:

Maddie & Jenna are the dynamic duo behind this brand. They are wives, mothers, sisters, athletes, and now business owners. After having children, leaving jobs to be at home they were determined to pursue the dream of being entrepreneurs. Both have been athletes all of their lives so you can just imagine the amount of athletic apparel they have! After they had kids, both were determined to get back in shape, but were not happy with the pricing that was offered in a few fitness apparel stores- they knew there had to be an alternative. 

After months of research and development, Senita Athletics found manufacturers that make their designs with the highest quality fabrics for active women at affordable prices.

Senita Athletics was launched in December of 2015 with the goal to provide durable, fashionable, and functional products at a fraction of the price of competitors. They are committed to providing an affordable product without compromising quality.

Learn more about Senita Athletics HERE.

All photos taken by Erin Kay Photography