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Self-care is SO important. As I write this I realize that I tend to neglect my personal self-care because #life but really I'm making excuses. And maybe you are too. If you continually give to your work, friends, family, children, organizations etc what are you doing to fill yourself back up? Are you taking time for yourself? Self-care looks differently to everyone. For me, self-care involves taking time with Jesus, being intentional about my prayer life (which to be honest is very hard for me to do) and to also take time for myself to recharge and just be still.

After getting my first massage at Transformations Salon & Spa last month, I left feeling lighter. I wasn't tense, or stressed out trying to figure out what's next on my to-do list. I realized that this is something I need for the season of life I'm. So, my question to you is, what are you doing for YOU? Even if it's reading a book, taking a walk, working out, recharching your batteries is SO IMPORTANT. You cannot continue to give without being filled from somewhere.

I'll be making this a monthly priority for myself and I wanted to share some of the other massage services they offer at Transformations. Take a look!

Swedish Massage:

Designed to ease stress, decrease toxins, and improve circulation and flexibility. Ideal for massage newbies or those who prefer a gentle touch.

Integrated Massage: Combines the benefits of Swedish and Deep Tissue. Our most popular massage!

Deep Tissue Massage:

Uses slow movements and deep pressure to relieve chronic aches, pains, and muscle tension.

Side by Side Massage:

You and a guest will receive a 1 hour synchronized massage in our conjoined spa rooms.

Hot Stone Massage:

A 90 minute massage using heated basalt stones to relax the muscles and allow deeper tension manipulation. 

4-Handed Massage:

Two therapists work together at the same time, using mirrored movements to provide a one of a kind massage experience. Treatment lasts a full hour.

Prenatal Massage: Specifically designed for pregnant women to help relieve common pregnancy discomofrts while promoting wellbeing for mother and baby.

Other massage services offered are chair massages, massage enhancements like aromatherapy, hot stones and back spot scrubs!

About Transformations Salon & Spa:

Transformations Salon and Spa specializes in many areas of the beauty industry. From hair cutting, coloring, and styling, to massage and skin care treatments, Transformations has just about whatever you need to get your beauty pamper on!

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