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Same Girl, New Look

So every girl does it. You see something off of Instagram and you're like WOW, I want that! I'm that girl. Most of my hair colors/styles in the past have been inspired by a post I see on Instagram, so I do the "normal" thing and take a screen shot and give it to my hairstylist as if she's a genie that commands my every hair wish lol. This time around I was DYING to try the grey hair trend. I mean I LOVE it, I love the color, how which is looks on people and I thought it would go great with my angled bob. I got the color done a few months ago and a few weeks after the appointment my hair got a very adverse reaction to the process- which is very surprising.

Why do you ask? Well, I'm full Puerto Rican, and I have very thick, curly coarse hair and it can take a lot of color, bleach, flat ironing relaxing etc, so when my ends started to break I was literally dumbfounded. It got to a point where my hair became quite unmanageable and I started to look at other options in order for my hair to begin the healing process. After consulting with my salon on Operation Save Johnette's hair, (insert laughing emoji here) it was determined that a certain type of hair extensions would be the best fit for my lifestyle. And to be frank- I was smacking myself for even cutting it to begin with. I had grown out my hair for years and last fall decided to be cute and do a long bob, but then I gradually started to cut it shorter and shorter and by the time this happened there was literally no length left at all. I MISSED MY HAIR!!!!

I had a team of ladies at Transformation Salon and Spa work on my hair to get it just perfect and I couldn't be more grateful for how it all came together! Up top you see the after and here is the before:

My dream team used DreamCatchers (haha see what I did there!) The hair quality is so amazing and really comes very close to the texture of my natural hair. DreamCatchers come with a tipping system ( which is exclusive to DreamCatchers) that is made of a polyurethane rubberized material that doesn’t damage the extensions, or your hair. This allows you to reuse the same extensions month after month (in some cases 2 years or more), so clients can get the extended look of amazing looking hair. Transformations can order 40 different colors and styles, varying from wavy to straight hair along with fun fashion colors such as purple or pink. They're able to do them for length or volume and customize to fit each clients needs- which they completely did for me!

The process is a long one, so be ready to be at the salon all day but it's so worth it! So how do you maintain? Simple! You maintain your hair as you normally do! Every six weeks I will go back to get my roots touched up and at the same time they will move up my extensions as my hair grows. So those appointments will now be longer but again well worth the time and effort that has been put into it. I know this may sound weird to say but after I got my extensions I felt like a myself again and I'm so grateful for that! If you're interested in learning more about extensions you can set up a free consultation with Transformations! From there they can determine what works best for you, price, etc. These are an INVESTMENT, they are not cheap- but if you want quality work and amazing hair that carry longevity then don't skimp out on something like this. You'll only be hurting yourself and your wallet.

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