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Pure Barre

Hey Friends!

I have a confession to make. I am IN LOVE with Pure Barre! I've been taking classes the last month and really have grown to love their technique and how they approach a different form of fitness. My first class was unbelievably hard, but as I've gotten into the groove of things I find myself really being able to focus on specific muscle groups and pushing myself into a deeper mind to muscle connection. It's been amazing!

Are you new to Pure Barre?Just think about this: Imagine yourself taking a 50 minute class that uses small movements continously throughout the body for maximum impact. The addition of resistance bands, a small ball and light weights only increases your workout intensity to your desired level. You get through class, with a community of women who all have the same goal in mind- to become stronger mentally and physically, and you walk out feeling completely accomplished. That's exactly how I feel about Pure Barre. Come learn how you can create long and lean muscle, sculpting your body in a way that targets, reshapes and redesigns your body's overall structure!

Pure Barre also offers a Pure Empower class that is a fusion of barre and interval training designed to elevate your heart rate, build strength and up your metabolism; while their Pure Reform class works on total resistance training that challenge your strength, coordination and balance by using resistance bands, sliders, and the barre.

AND- your first class is FREE! So what are you waiting for?! Come join me!

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