Never Say Never

So something I said I would never do again I am doing....Running. LOL.

After I ran my half marathon a long time ago I told myself I wouldn't run EVER again but my how things have changed! I think the biggest thing I've learned recently is never say never. You never know what relationships will grow, what will change, what you'll be feeling, what opportunities will come across your lap and what doors will close, so I've been trying to take a lot of change in stride now. I'm working with Whitney Miller with Transcend Health & Wellness and she is my running coach. Just last week we picked out a 5K for me to participate in during the fall and I'm so excited! I don't know about you but there's just something about having a goal that lights a fire in you.

I'll be officially going through her coaching program within the next few weeks and will be taking you along the journey! I'm excited to dive into it and really see how not only this will help me become a better runner, but also help me grow into being a better athlete and a human all the way around. What a lot of people don't realize is that stress can really hinder any area of growth in your life. I have walls of them right now and I'm looking forward to breaking those barriers down with Whitney by my side.

Last weekend I ran with her and it was awesome! I NEEDED her accountability. It was HOT. I wasn't in the mood to run. I was tired. I didn't show up in a positive mindset. I essentially had all the wrong things playing against me that would cause a negative coaching session. BUT- she showed up, with all her positive vibes and energy and really help me change my mindset as I began to run. I've mentioned this before but lately my right knee has been bothering me and it always starts to ache shortly after I hit two miles. As we were running, I had Whitney there the entire way pushing and encouraging me to keep going- regardless if I decided to stop and walk.

You guys, accountability is SO IMPORTANT! It really helps me focus to the finish line and I love having that extra push as I'm battling a negative mindset. So needless to say I finished! I did walk a little it but I got it done :) Afterwards Transcend Health and & Wellness had an Essential Oils for Athletes Workshop at Bargersville Wellness and it was great to learn how all of these oils can really benefit me in everyday life, and also as a person living a very active lifestyle.

running, marathon runner, half marathon runner, leisure runner, Indianapolis runner, running coach, health coach, life coach, Indianapolis fitness

running, marathon runner, half marathon runner, leisure runner, Indianapolis runner, running coach, health coach, life coach, Indianapolis fitness

About Transcend Health & Wellness:

Whitney Miller is the owner and founder of Transcend Health & Wellness. She's a RRCA Certified Running Coach and an ICF Certified Health & Life Coach. She works with runners who feel lost, frustrated and stuck who want to overcome the obstacles in their life and feel empowered to step into their personal power.


Transcend Running Group

Meets Every Saturday Morning at 8am at Craig Park in Greenwood, Indiana

Members of the Group will receive:

  • Expertise, knowledge, and coaching from a RRCA Certified Running Coach

  • Pre-planned running routes and workouts

  • Coaching for 5k to ultra marathon

  • Good running form education

  • Nutrition support and education

  • Performance enhancing warm up and cool down exercises

  • Premier access to all Transcend Running Group events and workshops

  • Accountability and support (Membership Fee: $25/Month)

10k, Half Marathon, & Marathon Training:

This program is unlike any training plan that you can find online- it's CUSTOMIZED to you and where you are in your fitness journey. Each plan is tailored to the individual AND paired with powerful health, life, and mindset coaching to help you overcome the mental and physical challenges of training.

If you've ran a 10k, Half Marathon, or Marathon before or are just beginning down your journey to longer distances and you're looking for the right individualized system, powerful support, and continual accountability this program is for you!

Connect with Transcend Health & Wellness here:




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