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My Not so Little Ninja at NinjaZone

Recently we were given the opportunity to try NinjaZone for the next few months in exchange for sharing our honest opinions about our experience. I have a son, he's 9 and this is right up his alley! When I mentioned it to him it wasn't even a question of yes or no, but WHEN can we start! I honestly couldn't believe his excitement to begin with because your typical 9 year old now a days would rather watch youtube or play video games. He patiently waited for his first class and it was great! The instructors are really attentive and take their time teaching the kids the proper moves and techniques so that they can succeed and do everything well at their own pace and ability. I was astounded by how much information my son left with. He literally talked to me in the car for the entire ride home about NinjaZone and all of the moves he was introduced to!

So what is NinjaZone? It's program that combines coordination from gymnastics, strength and agility from obstacle training and creativity from freestyle movement. What's really amazing about this is that all of the kids learn at their own pace, and once they feel comfortable and confident in a move it just seems to happen naturally! I can tell you from experience that my son's athleticism is this area has improved by leaps and bounds and we've only been doing this for about a month. He also loves to go to open gym where he has the ability to do things at his own pace, multiple times with other kids his age!

Have questions about NinjaZone? You can find all of the details HERE and feel free to shoot me a message!

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