More Than a Massage

Massages have become one of my favorite things recently. Last month I got a massage from Blythe at Bargersville Wellness! What I absolutely loved was that Blythe really began to ask questions about my health. She asked if she could massage my stomach and I was like, "Wow! No-one has ever asked me that before!" I was so intrigued because that area has been affected by my immune disorder. For those of you who don't know, I have a condition that has led me down the path of many surgeries, doctor appointments and medicine. I closely monitor my health and try to take care of myself as much as possible, but I also know that because of the amount of surgeries I've had that I also do have a certain amount of scar tissue scattered across my abdomen.

Blythe has an extensive amount of training that is truly different and unique and has spanned across 20 years! She is a Board Certified Therapeutic Massage and Body Worker and her style is a blend of things that she has learned throughout her career. Currently, her massages are heavy in Ortho-Bionomy (structural integration), Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian), and Thai yoga massage, influenced by Ayurveda (knowledge of life), acupressure, and reflexology.

Bargersville Wellness does offer tons of different massage options however, each massage session is completely customized for the individual and what they want; pressure, areas of focus, etc. Blythe is specifically trained to work and loves to focus on problem areas such as the pelvis, abdomen and rib cage/diaphragm if her clients are comfortable with it- and personally this was great therapy for me and my problem issues stemming from my health concerns. If you're struggling in this area I highly recommend getting a massage from Blythe. Bargersville Wellness will be opening soon and they are currently taking clients right now!

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