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Microblading done by Lucia Paul Artistry

Can I tell you how much I love microblading? I don't think I have the adequate words ha! Last November I got them done by Lucia, owner of Lucia Paul Artistry. She's an insanely talented brow artist on the Northside. My brows have always been light and I wanted them to look darker and fuller. I decided to get a color boost a few weeks ago because recently I went back to my natural hair color which is darker than what I had this time last year.

When I was a kid I basically had dirty blonde hair and as I got older, my hair got darker but of course my brows stayed the same! And it didn't help that I plucked the crap out of my eyebrows as a teenager. Long story short- this girl needed some brow love! Here's some info regarding microblading:

  • The first initial visit takes about 2 1/2 hours where Lucia begins to map out your new brows and picks the best shape and color that would fit your skin tone and face shape.

  • Microblading is semi-permanent which means color will fade over time (all depends how you take care of them- no sun, no anti-aging products on them etc.)

  • After your first visit, it will take you about two weeks to heal- this is where the color gets really dark and will start to peel off. Once they peel off they might look lighter but within a few weeks the color will come back and the pigmentation will be what you wanted to begin with!

  • You'll go back 6-8 weeks later for a second visit. Here Lucia will fine tune some things, and then you'll do the two week healing process again.

  • After that you'll go back as soon as the color starts to fade for a color boost appointment and this process repeats itself all over again!

  • Level of discomfort- you'll get numbing cream so it doesn't really hurt. I think I am more sensitive to this area, so for me personally it was a little bit uncomfortable but not too bad.

  • I have combination brows! These are micro bladed with a powder fill for more of a dense, full look. I love my brows looking dark and rich so this is something you can discuss with Lucia in terms of your wants, needs and expectations.

  • Lucia Paul Artistry is doing an awesome special right now! Get your eyebrows micro bladed for only $450!! If you've done your homework on this, you know this is definitely an investment, but let me tell you- it's so worth it. (and for the special she is running to!) All you have to do is let her know you heard about her work from me and click HERE!

Take a look at all the steps below:

Step 1: Cleansing the brows. Always SO important!

Step 2: Numbing! You'll definitely want to get this done considering it's a delicate area and plus you won't get so annoyed with all the pricks :)

Step 3: Brow Mapping. Here Lucia maps out your new brows to make sure they fit the shape of your face along with the structure of how the brows will be micro bladed.

Step 4: Let the microblading begin! Lucia will do 2 passes on each brow to insure brows look full and defined.

Step 5- This photo was taken after the first pass was done. Check out the before and after below!

Healed two weeks later!

Check out this video below on the process as well and book your appointment with Lucia HERE.

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