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Meet me at the Barre :: Pure Barre

Hey friends! As you know, I'm a lover of all things fitness so I was beyond ecstatic to have the opportunity to explore Pure Barre this past week! Now- I totally walked in like "Hey, this should be easy, I can do this" and now I'm laughing about it because it's NOT EASY lol. And I don't mean it like you can't do it, I mean that Pure Barre works your muscles in such a different way that it was challenging yet amazing. For the entire 50 minutes of the class you are isolating different muscle groups of the body, sometimes simultaneously with little to no rest. You are really working on the mind to muscle connection exhausting your muscles to the point where you are shaking- no joke. These movements are tiny, but carry such big IMPACT! What I also love about Pure Barre is that each movement can be modified to your liking so you can really go at your own pace and push yourself as you start to feel more comfortable.

Pure Barre also prides itself on creating long and lean muscle sculpting your body in a way that targets, reshapes and redesigns your body's overall structure! Pure Barre also offers a Pure Empower class that is a fusion of barre and interval training designed to elevate your heart rate, build strength and up your metabolism; while their Pure Reform class works on total resistance training that challenge your strength, coordination and balance by using resistance bands, sliders, and the barre.

I walked in not knowing ANYTHING about Pure Barre, but as soon as I got into their classes their small group setting makes you feel quite welcoming and their instructors are so helpful, knowledgable and amazing!

Pure Barre is currently offering specials for those who are students and teachers! You can sign up for 3 months of unlimited classes for $299! Such a great deal! There's also several locations through Indianapolis as well- check them all out below!



Zionsville (COMING SOON!)

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