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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

So, I've never been an "avid" runner. I did run a half marathon a SUPER long time ago, but that was to prove a point :) Back then, I was knee deep in my immune disorder issues and I HAD to do something to get my body going and moving again, so it could start to thrive and not live in the horrific state it was in. My doctors told me that running was not the best thing for me but I didn't care. I wanted to prove them wrong. So, I decided to sign up for a half marathon, trained and did it! The training was very challenging for me, and at times more emotional than anything I've ever experienced. After I ran the half that's when my love of fitness really started to grow. I thought, "Hey, if I can do this, imagine what else I can push my body and mind to do!" And the rest was history!

I started to explore different forms of fitness and went away from running into bodybuilding and just recently have been switching up everything that I do. For so long I came from the bodybuilding competition world, training so hard only focuses on lifting that I had forgotten my love for other things. A few months ago it was one of those days where I got home, dropped my things and told my husband I needed to leave the house. I changed my clothes, grabbed my headphones and just started running. (mind you I hadn't ran in YEARS) and surprised myself by running for two miles! It all came back to me...the feelings I had experienced while running, the prayers that ran through my head, and even the barriers I broke.

Fast forward to now and here I am forming a wonderful partnership with Whitney Miller, founder of Transcend Health & Wellness. We met a few months ago and I was so intrigued by her business and her heart for helping, encouraging and supporting others in this lifestyle. Whitney is a RRCA Certified Running Coach and an ICF Certified Health & Life Coach. She helps runners overcome the obstacles in their life and in training and equips them to feel empowered, and step into their personal power. Whitney also works with individuals who feel lost, frustrated, and stuck in their health and life who struggle with low energy, a negative relationship with food, inability to say yes to their selves, and poor body image.

On top of the personal coaching she does, Whitney coaches the Transcend Running Group. Her training group gets together for various runs, along with events that continue the journey to your best self! I had the wonderful opportunity of running with her group and then taking part in one her events which involved a meditation workshop afterwards and it was amazing! I honestly wasn't sure how well I would do running, but I was so impressed with how Whitney coached me the entire way! She helped me focus at the end goal of three miles and stayed with me the whole way. The accountability and support I received truly helped me focus and finish strong, whereas if I was just by myself I probably would have just quit.

It was wonderful learning about another tool that can be a powerful resource for your mind and body. Through this workshop I was able to learn more about this practice, how it can benefit and improve my mental mindset. It was such a great learning experience!


Transcend Running Group

Meets Every Saturday Morning at 8am at Craig Park in Greenwood, Indiana

Members of the Group will receive:

  • Expertise, knowledge, and coaching from a RRCA Certified Running Coach

  • Pre-planned running routes and workouts

  • Coaching for 5k to ultra marathon

  • Good running form education

  • Nutrition support and education

  • Performance enhancing warm up and cool down exercises

  • Premier access to all Transcend Running Group events and workshops

  • Accountability and support (Membership Fee: $25/Month)

Essential Oils for Athletes Workshop Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 9:30-10:30am

Join Transcend Health & Wellness for an educational workshop all about essential oils and how they can support you as an athlete! This workshop will be led by Young Living Essential Oil Educator Jackie O'Keefe who will educate the group on particular essential oils that can help fight discomfort from exercise, inflammation, and decrease recovery time! Attendees will also have a chance to win a FREE gift!

*The workshop will take place after their group run at 8am. Location is TBD. Learn more HERE.

10k, Half Marathon, & Marathon Training:

This program is unlike any training plan that you can find online- it's CUSTOMIZED to you and where you are in your fitness journey. Each plan is tailored to the individual AND paired with powerful health, life, and mindset coaching to help you overcome the mental and physical challenges of training.

If you've ran a 10k, Half Marathon, or Marathon before or are just beginning down your journey to longer distances and you're looking for the right individualized system, powerful support, and continual accountability this program is for you!

Connect with Transcend Health & Wellness here:




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