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Hi Friends! I've been SO excited to share this blog post with you guys! A few months ago a family member gave me a piece of jewelry that was very meaningful. I started to think abut how I can use it in an existing piece of jewelry I already had. If you're like me you love jewelry but the ones that are simple gorgeous or have some type of sentimental value don't get worn as much. As I was thinking about this, the one item I always wear is my wedding band. Insert J.L. Johnson Fine Jewelers! I've known the family for a very long time- they are truly just wonderful, giving and caring people. I met with them to see how we can essentially use this piece of jewelry and somehow incorporate it into what my wedding band.

They were so helpful in providing ideas, feedback and suggestions. We finally decided on a design and that's when they got to work! They took measurements and made a customized setting piece that would replace the head of my current wedding band. We decided that using a halo band would work best with my current design. Below you'll see the example they showed me, and the jewelry they used before the transformation! They took the diamonds out of this piece and repurposed it for my wedding band.

This is the molding they used for my band! Now I will be honest in saying that it was very hard to visual how this would look afterwards, so when I saw the molding I couldn't really get a feel for what they were going to do! Once they received the molding, they took my ring and started to do the redesign.

Now here's the part you're going to love- the before and after! I can't believe what I came to pick up, it's so beautiful and even more than what I could ever imagine!

They absolutely knocked it out of the park with this design! I will forever be grateful to how they worked with me on this project and how we came together on what would look best. They designed something that is in my opinion every girls dream.

I would highly recommend J.L. Johnson Fine Jewelers for any of your jewelry needs. Whether you're looking for a custom design, purchasing a gift for a family member or friend, they are the place to go to! They not only carry fine jewelry but some really cool fashion pieces that can be used as every day staples. They have a wide selection of bridal and engagement pieces, along with watches, plus they do service and repairs!

**Side note: I also wear two bands and stack them with my wedding ring. One is gold, the other is rose gold and both are engraved with my husband and son's name! I love them and have had them for years. I purchased these HERE.

About J.L. Johnson Fine Jewelers:

J.L. Johnson Fine Jewelers began in Jeff and Shelly's garage. Handmade quality jewelry has been the staple of the J.L. Johnson's brand since the beginning! Making its initial debut, the doors of J. L. Johnson Fine Jewelers opened April 1, 1989. JL still serves many of the customers that were supporters of the store in its earliest days.The location on Madison Avenue served as the home of JL Johnson’s Fine Jewelers for 14 years and with Gods direction Jeff and Shelly decided to move into a new location in 2002. Celebrating 30 years in business this year, they look forward to adding customers to the J.L. Johnson family, continuing to serve the community that they love.

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