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Give the Gift of Experience

With all the holiday shopping about to go down I am sure you have a long list of toys, games and more toys to get for your special kiddos in your life! I am all for knocking that wishlist down one check at a time but this season let's think differently about how we can gift others! I LOVE the idea of gifting others experiences. Don't you ever think parents are sometimes wondering what to do with their kids on the weekends or trying to figure out what to do during the weeknights? You can literally become their lifesaver ha! NinjaZone offers gift cards! Isn't that such a great idea?! My son is at the age where now his "toys" come at a much more expensive price than before, and rather us shelling out all this cash for something that will eventually run it's course, I would love having the option of taking him somewhere where he and his friends can get some physical activity and have fun doing it!

NinjaZone is also running an amazing special right now for the holidays- buy two months for the price of one, which is an amazing deal! Their schedule includes weekly classes, open gym times, and a parents night out once a month #winning.

About the NinjaZone:

So what is NinjaZone? It's program that combines coordination from gymnastics, strength and agility from obstacle training and creativity from freestyle movement. All of the attendees learn at their own pace, and once they feel comfortable and confident in a move they continue to perfect it and gradually increase their levels in movement.

Have questions about NinjaZone? You can find all of the details HERE and feel free to shoot me a message!

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