Full Body Workout at UFit

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

If you have been following me for a little while now, you know I love connecting with others who are local and also in the fitness industry. UFit is just another avenue to take your fitness game to the next level. With their comprehensive testing, in-depth training and strategic planning to each person's needs, UFit sets up all of their clients up for success.

So what happens when you set up a consultation? Well, you're first greeted by a staff member that is nice,outgoing and ready to help. They make you feel at ease and safe in space to talk about making some long-term lifestyle changes. Within your first appointment you head into several different types of evaluations that include a health and nutrition test to essentially determine a baseline, this gives your trainer a sense of where your at physically and how they can formulate a plan that works or you, your schedule and your goals. At UFit, they focus on life transformation....this is not a quick fix, this is an extensive program that you and your trainer journey through together and I LOVE THAT!

After you and your trainer develop a plan of attack, there are weekly and monthly check-ins that include tracking food, progress photos and constant evaluation so that you are always seeing progression. Not only are the trainers at UFit super knowledgable about putting together individualized workout plans, but all of them are experts in nutrition and supplementation. Their team is comprised of trainers who are well rounded in many areas of fitness, so they truly can serve any client. I was able to get in a sample full body workout with Trainer Katrina and wow it was amazing!

Take a look at what we did below! Here's the thing. Sometimes you need someone alongside you, supporting and encouraging you, because sometimes you can't do that for yourself, and Katrina did that for me.

Warm up:

Jump Squats



Workout: (This was a circuit, so you can repeat 2-3x)

1. Tire Flips (5-6 each way, and these were HARD)

2. Shoulder press with barbell (make sure to have most of your weight on your back leg) 10x

3. Rope Slams into pushups with squat x10

4. Mountain Climbers x20

5. Sit-up circuit: each exercise x10 (on each side/leg)

Along with personal training, UFit also offers semi private personal training, nutritional education, and public speaking. Request a FREE consultation HERE and also like their Facebook page!