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Eye Health: What You Need to Know

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

I hate having to admit this but as I've gotten older so have my eyes! I've been getting yearly check-ups and recently went into Warner EyeCare to get some glasses that could help lessen the strain I am experiencing in my eyes from being on my laptop and phone so much.

What is really cool about Warner Eyecare is that when you come to your appointment you could elect to do an optomap, which can take the place of dilation in most patients. 

It gives them a digital view of the retina that can be enhanced and magnified. From there, they're able to compare images from year to year to check for any changes- and it doesn't affect your vision for a few hours afterwards like dilation! I've had that done before and the after part stinks lol.

Comprehensive exams are so important because during these appointments your doctor can really discover the health of your retina, and see any potential issues that may be arising. Basically eye health is just as important as anything else! Early detection of any eye issues is vital in how you can go about your treatments in the future and also learn about any long term effects of conditions that may be forming.

On top of the optomap that Warner Eyecare provides, you can also see their line of fashion eyewear and sunglasses that they carry in store! Prescription designer glasses include Tori Burch, Kate Spade (which I'm wearing) Coach and more! On the sunglass side, you'll find awesome Maui Jim's that combat intense glare and harmful UV while bringing brilliant colors to life with their PolarizedPlus2® lens.

About Warner Eyecare:

Warner Eyecare is an optometry practice dedicated to serving all of their patients' eyecare and eyewear needs on the Southside of Indianapolis. They are equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment to provide patients comprehensive eye exams in a comfortable environment.

Warner Eyecare's purpose is to SERVE patients by providing excellent eyecare and vision correction solutions. They feel blessed that patients entrust their eyecare to them and strive to be a reflection of God’s love by treating them as they would want to be treated.

Connect with Warner Eyecare by click HERE, or check them out on Facebook!

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