Don't want to walk the next day? Try this.

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Feeling Accomplished.

I took a poll on my IG the other week asking people what they wanted more of- and it was fitness & more workouts! So, in addition to the other collaborations I'm doing with other fitness facilities I will also be uploading at-home workouts. These are quick, intense but effective. This leg day starts with a warm up with bands (the ones I have are now discontinued but you can find a different version by the same person here) followed by the workout. Check out the video and details below!

Here's the details on the workout:


50 lateral side by side steps

50 air squats

25 cha-cha slides on each leg


Try to perform all exercises with little to no rest in between sets unless you HAVE to.

1. Romanian Deadlifts with DB: (5 bottom to middle, 5 top to middle, 5 full reps) 4 sets of 15

SS with bench jumps (you can modify this with jump squats) 10 reps

2. Step-ups with barbell or with DB: 10 on each side; 4 sets

3. Single leg RDL's SS with Bulgarian Split Squats: Do 10 reps of Single leg RDL's then go immediately into 10 reps of the Bulgarian Split Squats- then switch legs This hurt so bad! Repeat for 4 sets. (Special thanks to my IG friend Bre for these- you should follow her!)

4. Wide Stance Squats with DB: 4 sets of 10 SS with side to side hops on bench (10 on each side)

Then you are DONE! And if you're like me, you didn't move for 10 minutes afterwards! :) Enjoy and be prepared to be sore for two days after!

But also feeling the pain!