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Do You Cryotherapy?

I know some of you have either heard of it, or seen someone else do it, but do you know what Cryotherapy is? This is a quick & easy treatment that offers numerous benefits to the body and mind to help promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle for everyday wellness. The amount of benefits produced by cryotherapy is amazing! It helps improve sleep pattern, promotes high energy levels, increases circulation, treats anxiety, depression & mood disorders, not to mention reduces inflammation & swelling, has anti-aging benefits, boosts metabolism and accelerates weight loss! After all of that why in the world would you NOT try it?!! So what is Cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is a full body rejuvenation that uses dry, cold air therapy in a safe 3 minute spa treatment to activate the body's organic healing process and I took part in it to get my own perspective :).

Since I come from the fitness world, I have a lot of friends that swear by using cryotherapy to help reduce a lot of pain or inflammation when lifting heavy, or doing some extreme forms of training- but's it not only for athletes. I even slept wrong one night and woke up with a pretty stiff neck and had local cryotherapy done at Cryotherapy Associates to help and I walked out of there feeling so much better! Since trying that I was quite eager to try the full body cryotherapy and completely fell in love with it afterwards!

First off, you walk into Cryotherapy Associates and immediately are greeted with a friendly and knowledge staff that is perfectly able to answer the million questions you may have any Crytherapy treatment. After that, you get changed into a robe paired with the best socks, slipper and gloves and you're ready to go!

I do have to say- I started out fine until about 30 seconds in- IT'S COLD. Like -240 degrees cold, but you don't stay in the same spot for very long, rotating around to get the proper distribution of the dry air all over the body. Next thing I know I was done!

Cryotherapy Associates not only offers full body treatments, but local Cryotherapy to work on a specific area or muscle group of the body. They also do Cryfacials and NormaTec Body Therapy which helps with muscle soreness and post-workout recovery.


Cryotherapy Associates is offering a 10-Day Try Everything special for $89 until May 31. Give them a call at 317-886-4556 to learn more!

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