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Dance With Me!

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Dance has always been a HUGE part of my life. I grew up dancing- not by way of technical instruction because we couldn't afford it but I would literally watch all the music videos and copy whatever the dances were lol. Eventually I became self taught and when we could I would jump into classes to learn some techniques. For some reason dance came very natural to me and music is always what I've leaned into. I've performed in different states, and venues and have traveled being a backup dancer for several nationally known artists as well- and although I stepped away from my first passion and went into TV, Radio and yes....Ministry, dance never left my heart.

When I started my fitness brand I knew I wanted to add Dance Fitness, and made an awesome relationship with SWERK. I partner with them to bring the best hip hop cardio routines to life by showing you how you can burn up to 600 calories in 50 minutes! I also choreograph things as well, and my Dance Fitness is a combination of hip-hop and latin inspired routines.

You can easily subscribe to my dance fitness library and get the convenience of dancing whenever-wherever for as long as you'd like! You'll get unlimited access, new content every month and a chance to burn calories in a super fun way! I have 6 month or 1 year subscriptions available! Check out one of the dance routines below and give it a try!

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