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Cross-Training at Pure Barre

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Finally made it back into Pure Barre this past week and I felt great! Did you know there are benefits to cross-training at Pure Barre? By taking their classic, Empower and Reform class you are upping your workout game to another level! So what exactly is cross-training? Cross-training is commonly defined as an exercise plan that uses several different training modes to improve physical fitness. One of the easiest ways to cross-train at Pure Barre is to alternate class types each day.

Mixing up your exercise routine is associated with several scientific benefits. Cross-training allows you to receive a more well-rounded fitness routine by incorporating different components of fitness. That includes training all major muscle groups 2-3 days/week, along with a variation of cardio and flexibility training. Other health benefits include a lower risk of injury, along with lessening the stress placed on certain joints. This is also a great way to evenly distribute workload to your body. For my personal fitness journey I ablsutely love to cross-train. I love the variety, I don't get bored and every time I work out I am challenged in a different way. I am also a firm believer that switching up your workout routine also helps with long term weight management.

If you're interested in cross-training, Pure Barre is the perfect place to get started! Their Classic, Empower and Reform classes all take different approaches in workout routines, functionality, strength and cardio giving you the ultimate variety when it comes to getting your sweat on. You'll be challenged, motivated and inspired to continue on this new path of fitness! And don't forget your first class at Pure Barre is FREE!

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