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Computer Glasses? Yes Please!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Ever since I started blogging more this year along with content creating and running social media accounts and campaigns I noticed my eyes began to strain and feel so tired. I'm on my Mac or phone all day long either putting together copy, editing content, posting something, replying to a message..you name it, I do it! Typically it will be around lunch time where my eyes begin to fatigue and it's hard for me to focus and continue to work. They also start to feel irritated and dry and all I want to do is close my eyes!

I've been working with Warner Eyecare the last few months and Dr. Warner has really put me back on track when it comes to my eyecare. Because of my past appointments I now have computer glasses and progressive lenses! My computer glasses (pictured in this blog post) help me focus on my work and editing without the continuous strain on my vision. The anti-glare coating also helps my eyes feel more comfortable!

Here's why you need it:

• Prevents symptoms brought on by visual fatigue

• Perfect for tasks completed from near to mid-range distance

• Suitable for non-prescription patients who experience visual fatigue

• Fast and easy adaptation (easy to get used to)

The Benefits:

• Fatigue relief solution for single vision patients

• No distortion or swim

• Reduces lens focusing by up to 30% 

• Designed with EyePoint Technology®

About Warner Eyecare:

Warner Eyecare is an optometry practice dedicated to serving all of their patients' eyecare and eyewear needs on the Southside of Indianapolis. They are equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment to provide patients comprehensive eye exams in a comfortable environment.

Warner Eyecare's purpose is to SERVE patients by providing excellent eyecare and vision correction solutions. They feel blessed that patients entrust their eyecare to them and strive to be a reflection of God’s love by treating them as they would want to be treated.

Connect with Warner Eyecare by click HERE, or check them out on Facebook!

*Information from this blog post is taken from the American Optometric Association Website.

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