5 Ways To Create Healthy Habits

I'm almost half way through coaching a group of clients where we are developing new, healthier ways to incorporate a lifestyle that is fulfilling in all areas of life and it's been so great! Replacing unhealthy habits with new ones are hard- but the hardest part is starting! If you want to make a change in your life to get a different result, then CHANGE what you do. Create a different approach, look at it from a different perspective and make the choice to follow through.

Here are 5 ways you can create healthy habits:

  1. Take a Habit One Day at a Time: Start small, create consistency, and then when YOU feel comfortable add some more goals and habits into place!

  2. Personalize Your Habit: Why? When it's personal, it rings different. It feels as if it is YOURS. When you personalize you take ownership which adds another level of accountability to follow though.

  3. Work a 14 Day Habit Challenge: Focus in on that specific habit and stick with it for two weeks so that it starts to become normal and routine.

  4. Create REAL goals: Get honest with yourself...don't create a goal that is not realistic and not achievable for you and your lifestyle. If you do that, you might set yourself up for failure and that's no way to begin starting a new, healthy habit!

  5. Review Your New Habit: How has it been going? Is it attainable? Have you been consistent? Do you need to make adjustments so that you can hit your habits? All of these should be considered when creating a new goal.

So, now that you have this information, LET'S GO! What healthy habits do you want in your life and how can those become a reality for you? If you're interested in discussing this more feel free to send me an email at johnette@elevatedbyjc.com and I will schedule a free 30 minute zoom call with you to chat on goals etc! LET'S GO!

Photos by Erin Kay Photography and clothes by Styles By Gabby