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My mission for my personal brand is to authentically equip, encourage and empower women in a relatable way that inspires others to live their best life through partnerships in the fitness, dance and faith communities. I love collaborating with brands that can shed a positive light and foster others like myself to live their best life and be confident in who they are. I also enjoy coming together as a team to focus on how we can create genuine brand awareness. 


As an Influencer, as I am available for sponsored social media posts on all platforms, sponsored blog posts, modeling and more. I also offer monthly collaboration options. For details, just shoot me an email and we can get started! 

Some of my current and past collaborations include: 

  • Four Thirteen Apparel

  • Senita Athletics

  • Massage Heights

  • F45

  • Hydrojug

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  • Crew Carwash


  • Eleva Clothing

  • Dr. Chris Lowery

  • Bronzz Beauty Studio


  • Evereve

  • Todd Michael Beauty

  • Just FAB

  • Every Plate

  • Mud Love

  • Buckle 

  • Hamilton Town Center

  • Indiana Pacers

  • Danceworks

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