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Hi! I’m Johnette Cruz, a coach that helps elevate your life through personal nutritional plans and high energy dance workouts so that you can become your best self! 

I come from a place of brokenness. My past contains a certain darkness with drugs, alcohol, and abuse that left me feeling purposeless. When I met a special person, I was 19 and didn’t even know what faith was. When this friend learned about my past, she embraced the broken space I’d come from and helped me find a light through faith. I want to share my journey of finding God’s love to help others heal and understand that in the darkest moments of life, the times where we feel most unworthy, God’s hand will always be there. His love is unconditional and once I realized that I was accepted for who I was, He then starting working in & through me to who I am today.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. After having to leave a job I loved, had 6 surgeries and 3 organs removed, I decided to take my health into my own hands. My doctors told me I couldn’t compete in fitness competitions, that my body couldn’t handle it, and that was the only motivation I needed to push myself. Once I started working out and feeling stronger, I realized that I can do anything with a different mindset. I want to show others that you too can defeat the odds, get healthy, and feel confident in your own skin.

Before beginning my own fitness journey, I served in many different roles that involved running Promotions & Marketing teams, spearheading marketing campaigns and directing various branding initiatives for several businesses throughout the United States. I have been known for my work as a Content Creator, Brand Awareness Champion, a Social Media Specialist, and Influencer, helping businesses find their voice through digital media platforms. Recently, I decided to dive back into my first love which is fitness and dance. I love educating and coaching others to become their best versions of themselves, and live life to their fullest potential. My content is full of resources that will help you reignite your passion for not only yourself, but for life. I look forward to connecting with you!